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Time to replace Windows XP

Happy New Year!

This is a great time to think about your company’s IT plans for the coming year.

Windows XP support ends this year

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8th. This means, among other things, that computers running XP will no longer get automatic updates. This can expose you to liability issues.

Plus, more and more software releases no longer run on Windows XP.

It’s time to upgrade! You could consider reloading computers with Windows 7 or 8. Usually though, the cost to upgrade the operating system is not worth it on an older computer.

For those of you with Windows servers, Windows Server 2003 support will also be ending July, 2015.

Give me a call to discuss your options.

Mark Mullarky

President, Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

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