April 21


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The Frenzy to Upgrade Windows XP

The past few weeks have been VERY busy as companies rush to get their systems up-to-date. Some computers are candidates for reloading with Windows 7. Most computers are not worth upgrading though, and should just be replaced.

Nearly all of the new computers have Windows 7 rather than Windows 8.1. New computers come with a Windows 8.1 license and CAN come with Windows 7 pre-installed by using “downgrade rights”. These computers come with restore disks for either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. You can legally use ONE of them.

Some clients have asked when Windows 7 support will end. Microsoft will offer Mainstream Support through next year, and Extended Support until 2020. Windows XP has been in “extended support” since 2009!

A couple clients ordered computers with Windows 8.1. These will be installed and tested extensively before 8.1 is widely deployed. We recommend this approach. We also recommend that you evaluate Windows 8.1 sooner rather than later.

We sell Hewlett-Packard computers, workstations, and servers. We also sell HP and Lenovo laptops. If you are a company in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Jefferson counties, call us at 262-720-3668 to discuss upgrades.


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