June 22


The Business PC

I cringe when people want to buy a computer from the store to run their business.  Sure, it will do the job, as long as it has Windows Professional, not Home.  Is it the best choice though?  I don’t think so. For a LITTLE more money, you can get a Business PC.

Joel Santo Domingo wrote an article titled “How to Buy a Business Desktop” for PC Magazine. He makes a good case for the business PC. You can read the article here: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2347736,00.asp

In general, business computers are built better, easier to work on, and come with less “shovel-ware”. You know… those free trial programs, games, and other “home” applications. I often spend over half an hour uninstalling that stuff.

If labor were free, the mass-produced computer from the store would be fine. But labor’s not free.

You can buy HP business PC desktops (like the6200 Pro) from me, or you can find them on your own. Lenovo and Dell also make good business computers. Next time you need to buy a computer, at least consider one of these.

Please call or contact us for help determining your best bets at your budget for your Business PC.

Mark Mullarky

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  1. Thanks for the awareness Mark. I’m going to be in the market fairly soon and feel better about knowing what to be considering!

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