June 12


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Spruce Up Windows With These Free Windows Themes and Backgrounds

Free Windows Themes the Right Way

No deep technical jargon in this post, I promise.

As you roam around the office, you’ll see the same Windows backgrounds on everybody’s computer. If I had a nickel for every time I saw the scene with the palm trees on the little island…

Why not give yourself something to look at that’s a little different from everyone else?

Go here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/themes and download any of the windows themes you like – *Free*.   Or just download a free background if you like.  These are free windows themes, and you can be confident that they are virus-free as well.

Warning:  The wrong way to get Free Windows Themes

Please do not Google “Free Backgrounds” or “Free Windows Themes” and go wherever it leads you!  This is a common way to pick up Malware, and nobody wants that (except the black hat hackers)!

Personalize Your Free Windows Themes

Microsoft Apps Updates in Free Windows Themes
Microsoft provides info on personalizing your free windows themes. Mullarky Business Systems is glad to help.

You’ll find lots of ways to personalize Windows 8x and your free Windows 10 upgrade coming soon, as described in our previous post – right here:


You’ll find tips on choosing where you go when you login, making your desktop look (and function) the way you like, personalizing your lock screen and more.



Uptime, security and productivity are key ingredients for business.  It sure doesn’t hurt – and may well help – if you have a little fun and increase engagement while you cover those bases!

Please contact us for help with your computer / network uptime, security and productivity – and to personalize your work spaces for the productivity, engagement and enjoyment of your staff.

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