March 20



In Springtime, a young man’s fancy turns to…. Drag Racing!

I’m one of those annoying people who actually like snow. I like to snowmobile and downhill ski. This winter was very disappointing. Even so, I’m loving our early Spring weather.

My friends and I are using Springtime to get our cars ready for summer. We’re prepping a ’64 Polara for drag racing. I have a ’72 Duster that needs a couple repairs and improvements. Another guy has a ’64 Valiant to bring out of storage. There’s also a ’56 Ford custom in our group.

Picture of 72 Duster for article:  In Springtime, a young man's fancy turns to.... Drag Racing!
In Springtime, a young man’s fancy turns to…. Drag Racing!


We grilled some tenderloin last week. Why does warm weather make me want to grill meat?

Of course, there’s work to be done as well. I have some home improvements to finish up. No worries though – I enjoy that kind of work.

I’m looking forward to this summer, I hope you all get outdoors and enjoy it too. Give the computer a rest for a while!

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