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Spectre / Meltdown Processor Flaw

By Mark

January 8, 2018

A flaw in Intel processors, and at least some AMD processors, results in a giant security hole. The name “Spectre” comes from the processor’s speculative execution feature. This is what is exploited. “Meltdown” is the method of exploiting the flaw.

If your computer has a processor, you are affected. The fix is to update your operating system. Windows has patches released that address the vulnerability. You are looking for the January 2018 update.

My managed services clients will be patched automatically.

If you need help installing the patches, give us a call at 262-720-3668.

Here is more information: https://meltdownattack.com/

Questions?  Call or contact us with suggestions and questions anytime!

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14 Jan 2021: Post updated to include links to new company pages on Social Networks.

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