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Remote Worker Setup and Support is Our Response to COVID-19

Picture of a man working from home to illustrate Remote Worker Setup blog post. Thanks to Logan Ingalls via https://www.flickr.com/photos/plutor/

April 1, 2020

Whether for Remote Worker Setup or traditional network support…Contacting MBS During the Crisis:

We are working from home as much as possible.   You may still reach us by phone or e-mail.   We are on the “essential worker” list, so we will make on-site visits if necessary, but we prefer to avoid them until this passes. 

Working From Home – Remote Worker Setup and Support:

Governor Tony Evers has ordered all public schools in Wisconsin to close indefinitely, putting a huge burden on working parents. Further, many child-care facilities are closed. During this crisis, the ability to work from home is crucial.

A few of our clients are entirely cloud-based. For them, any computer will work as long as it’s set up properly.  Most clients, however, have at least one application that is on-premise. QuickBooks, E2, JobBoss, and other databases are best run locally.  Their best solution is to remote-control their office computers.

For smaller offices, we recommend RemotePC.   RemotePC is a very affordable remote access program. Some of you have used TeamViewer or LogMeIn in the past. Both of those have become very expensive. RemotePC is $52.12 for the first year on TEN computers! Not bad. Here’s the link:
https://www.remotepc.com/pricing.htm Make very sure that you use strong passwords! This program will allow you to remote control your office computer from your home computer.

Some companies are better off with client VPN’s and using remote desktop. We prefer this route, but you need a firewall that supports this. Most firewalls are only licensed for a few simultaneous VPN connections. The VPN licensing can be increased if necessary.

We emailed this message to our clients two weeks ago, to take care of our existing clients first.  If you are NOT one of our clients, get in touch.   We don’t want any businesses to fail because of technology.

Contact us to get this set up for you – or do it on your own if you like.  This week and next will continue to be busy with remote worker setup and support, but we’ll do our best to make time for everyone – this needs to happen!


Mark Mullarky

President, Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

2607 N Grandview Blvd Suite 160E
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262.720.3668

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