October 25


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Problem with Trend Micro Software

Apologies in advance – I usually don’t get too technical, but this is hard-core geeky stuff. I hope this will help someone who’s having the same issue, because it was a bugger to figure out!

Today I was called to a company in New Berlin whose owner was at his wit’s end. For the last month and a half, their computers have been running slow and frequently lock up. They were getting errors that there were no threads available or the computer was out of memory. They couldn’t get any work done.

On an affected PC, I checked the task manager, which showed CPU usage was fine, but LSASS.EXE was gobbling up more and more memory. It should be using about 5MB. On the affected computer, it was up to 3GB!! When you start the computer, the process just grabs more and more memory until the computer locks up. This is referred to as a memory leak.

My first thought was malware, so I ran a scan which came up clean. A Google search for the error brought up a result that looked promising. HP released some software for one of their all-in-one printers that had a memory leak. I uninstalled the HP software, but the problem didn’t go away.

On a hunch, I uninstalled the Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security client. That was it!! After rebooting, LSASS.EXE was behaving and the computer was happy again.

I’ve used Trend Micro in the past without issue. In fact, I like it. I hope they get this problem sorted out. In the meantime, I’ll switch this client to a different solution!


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