January 2


Poweliks Malware Removal

Poweliks Malware Removal

I just got done cleaning a “Poweliks” infection from a client’s PC in Muskego. It went undetected by two anti-virus / anti-malware products. Symptoms of this Trojan horse include slow performance, high disk activity, lots of connections displayed when you type netstat at a command prompt, and powershell appears in task manager for no good reason.

By far, the fastest way to clean it up is a free Poweliks malware removal tool at: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-poweliks-trojan.

Download the file and run it.  Very quickly, it will tell you if you are affected or not. If you have the Malware infection, the tool will allow you to remove it.  Once you’ve done the malware removal, you should then reboot.

After the reboot, run the program again and it should come up clean. Then, run another virus/malware scan to find any other malicious programs. Why doesn’t your anti-virus / anti-malware program detect this ? Because Poweliks lives in your registry, rather than as a file on the hard drive.

Please feel free to Contact Us for malware removal issues.  We do our best to be efficient and cost-effective – and to prevent problems from happening in the first place!

Let’s be careful out there!

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