October 21


The Only Constant

Photo of Sean Mullarky for "The Only Constant" post

The only constant…  Positive change or upheaval? Here at Great Lakes Tech Services, nothing stays the same for very long.  That’s the nature of technology in general, but particularly this year.

Long-time friend and colleague, Larry Wesner, retired. He handed off a number of clients to us. Thank you, Larry! And welcome to our new clients! These additional clients mean that we will be adding technicians very soon.

New software is in place to run our PSA (Professional Services Administration) and RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) software. PSA handles ticketing, billing, quotes and orders, and timekeeping. RMM is our remote support tool. It’s been a learning curve, but we’ve got the basics down. The software is capable of much more, and we’ll be implementing some great automation features in coming months.

There are huge changes industry-wide around security. We’re evaluating new technology for security services. Watch for more on that – it’s very cool stuff. 

We continue to move clients to Microsoft Office Business Premium when it’s a good fit. Businesses can potentially run serverless with this setup.

Sometimes, all these “only constant” changes feel more like upheaval than progress, but “upheaval” is a negative term, and all of these changes are positive. A lot of work – yes – but worth it in the end! It’s exciting to imagine what we will be doing only one year from now. Stay tuned!

On a personal note, our son Sean arrived home from Germany completing his Army career. Congratulations, Sarge, and welcome home!   
– Mark 

p.s.: Shout out to our “web guy” Keith Klein, for sharing his accumulated wisdom, and the occasional kick in the pants.

p.p.s.: Your suggestions and questions are always welcome – another “only constant”!  Contact Us

p.p.p.s.: If you’re looking for a vendor – an IT partner – please consider our Free Technology Review

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mark! And thanks for being an Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners! Being in a tangential technology field, I'm used to "the only constant"… That's cool, because if it ever gets boring all we have to do is wait 5 nanoseconds for something to change.


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