October 15


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See the new Mullarky Business Systems Partners Page

Cytracom Logo for Mullarky Business Systems Partners page and post

We have a new Mullarky Business Systems Partners page.   

Find the page (much like this post) at https://www.greatlakests.com/about/great-lakes-tech-services-partners/

Mullarky business systems is proud to work with many fine global, national and Wisconsin firms – all there to help us do a better job of serving you, our clients.  Here’s a sampling of Mullarky Business Systems Partners:


Datto - Datto provides our preferred backup solution. Their big advantage is recovery time. A conventional file-based backup is fine for some businesses, but in most cases, downtime is VERY costly. Datto shrinks downtime dramatically. We have been an active Datto partner since 2014.



Cytracom - Mullarky Business Systems, LLC is a Cytracom partner. Eliminate your phone lines and run your phone system over your existing computer network. We are able to install Cytracom systems with no contract, and FREE phones.


Hewlett Packard

HP - Hewlett Packard is our preferred brand for PC's. Our standard desktop has an i5 processor and a solid-state drive. Hewlett Packard Enterprise spun off from HP in 2015. HPE is our preferred provider of servers, SAN's and related equipment.



Intel - Mullarky Business Systems, LLC exclusively sells systems powered by Intel processors.



Barracuda - E-mail Security - Barracuda offers spam and virus filtering for e-mail domains. Barracuda charges a minimum of 50 seats. We maintain an account and sub-divide it, allowing smaller clients to take advantage of this service at a very reasonable price.



Microsoft - We work on Windows servers and Windows clients. Most of the PC's run Microsoft Office software. We are very familiar with Microsoft's products and have been a Microsoft partner since day one.


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Services - Office 365 can give a small business the advantages of an Exchange e-mail server without the expense of having one in-house. If desired, you can step-up to a plan that lets each user run Microsoft Office on their devices.



SonicWall - This is our preferred firewall for small companies. It is capable of advanced features, but is fairly simple to program.


Web Root

Webroot - Mullarky Business Systems, LLC offers Webroot to its clients for virus/malware prevention. We've been using Webroot since 2016 and it offers a number of advantages for service providers. Most importantly, it's effective!



Eaton is a leading provider of backup power UPS, or uninterruptible power systems. Eaton UPSs deliver high quality, reliable backup power for everything from network closets and server rooms to enterprise and colocation data centers.



OnYourMark - Keith Klein is my "web site guy". There are a lot of "web site guys" and I could even do this myself. Keith's strength is the online marketing that accompanies the web site.



Wisconsin Business Owners - I started attending this Meetup group in 2011 and I'm still a member. In fact, I am now an organizer. We meet monthly for a Lunch and Learn. The speakers are great and the food is good. The networking has been very valuable.


Mark Mullarky

President, Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

2607 N Grandview Blvd Suite 160E
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262.720.3668

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  1. Proud to be associated with you and your firm, Mark! Ive referred a couple of dozen clients to Mullarky Business Systems and every last one of them called or emailed me a thank you! So Im happy to do the same – thank you!

    Keith Klein,
    OnYourMark, LLC

    p.s.: Very pleased to be an Organizer with you at https://www.WisOnwers.com too!

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