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The MSPAlliance is a pivotal organization for managed service providers (MSPs), serving as the oldest and largest association in the managed service and cloud industry. Founded in 2000, caters to the needs of MSP professionals, technology-enabling vendors, and business consumers.

Key points about MSPAlliance and membership benefits include:

  • Influence and Reach: As the largest group of its kind, MSPAlliance leverages the collective power of its members, ensuring that it remains vendor- and product-agnostic without any editorial agenda, which is crucial for unbiased and genuine representation of its members' interests.
  • Membership Levels: MSPAlliance provides various membership levels, from basic to premium. Basic membership is available to those who can demonstrate their status as an IT provider or technology-enabling vendor with a functioning website and corporate email address. Premium membership, on the other hand, offers access to exclusive data, analysis, and content, which are vital for MSP operators to grow their practice.
  • Educational and Networking Opportunities: Members benefit from extensive educational courses through the Managed Service Institute, a global network of over 30,000 professionals, and vendor-agnostic certifications designed for managed services and cloud operations. Moreover, they have access to worldwide networking opportunities, including conferences, executive dinners, workshops, and seminars
  • Consulting and Support Services: MSPAlliance also provides consulting services to support business growth, start-ups, and IT channel programs, along with certifications and audits tailored to the managed services industry.

The MSPAlliance is not just a professional body but a comprehensive ecosystem that provides services, support, and standards for the managed services industry. With a legal entity established in 2000, it has since grown to organize a plethora of events both physical and virtual, fostering education and networking within the industry.

The Managed Services Institute (MSI), a segment of MSPAlliance, functions as a knowledge hub providing data analytics, tool comparisons, operational metrics, market research, and more, which form the backbone of the organization's programming and educational offerings.

Resources such as podcasts, whitepapers, and webcasts supplement the educational facet, catering to the needs of MSP professionals. Moreover, MSPAlliance's strict adherence to a Code of Ethics & Conduct sets a high standard for members, covering client confidentiality, conflict of interest avoidance, and a commitment to non-discriminatory practices.

The synergy of these elements makes MSPAlliance a significant entity in the managed services space, providing a framework for professional conduct, continuous education, and an expansive network of industry professionals and vendors. This structure supports MSPAlliance's mission of promoting high standards and a broad understanding of managed services benefits and challenges.