August 13


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Meraki Networking Products

Meraki Networking

We are now a Cisco Meraki Networking partner and can offer Meraki Networking products to

logo of Cisco Meraki Networking Products
Cisco Meraki Networking Products are as robust as any on the market

Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Jefferson County businesses.

Meraki manufactures wireless access points, switches and firewalls.  Their goal was to simplify management of these devices by using a web interface in the cloud.  Once the device is connected and sees the Internet, it downloads its configuration from the Meraki cloud and you’re done.

Meraki Networking firewalls offer features like content filtering, anti-virus scanning, and WAN failover.  The features are as robust as any competing product.

We have a demo firewall on its way to us for testing.  If it lives up to the hype, it could be our new “go to” firewall solution.

Learn more at and by calling or contacting us!


Mark Mullarky

President, Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

2607 N Grandview Blvd Suite 160E
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262.720.3668

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