IT Services

Managed IT Services

The goal of managed services is to maintain your system on a continual basis for a flat monthly fee. We do this using remote management tools that allow us to monitor, update, and control your systems without setting foot in your office. With managed services, we take a proactive approach. For instance, when your server’s hard drive gets low on disk space, we get a notification. By addressing this issue before it causes a problem, your system stays up and running. With traditional reactive IT services, you call us when something stops working.  Obviously, by the time you call us and we get it fixed, you’ve lost a lot of productivity. Call us to discuss this service.

On-Demand IT Services

This is the traditional business model. Call us when you need us and we’ll charge you a competitive hourly rate. Some IT companies have abandoned this type of service entirely, in favor of Managed Services. In the small business arena, there will always be a need for on-demand service, and we will gladly provide it.

Scheduled IT Services 

Larger companies usually need an on-site visit once a week to address user issues, maintain hardware, install equipment, etc. The list of tasks can be compiled and prioritized by the client, or users can send their issues to us directly and we will compile them.

In many cases, we can replace a full-time network administrator by combining a weekly or bi-weekly visit with remote support.  With your permission, we install a small program on your servers and workstations that allows us to remotely, yet securely, access your systems.  By doing this, we can respond to service requests in minutes, and lower the costs of scheduled IT Services.

Emergency IT Services

If you have an emergency, and need immediate attention, call us. We’ll stop what we’re doing and work on your problem remotely or on-site. We have access to Microsoft, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard support if necessary. There is a higher hourly rate for this service. Consider a Managed IT plan to avoid this!

Hardware as a service

When we provide hardware as a service, we supply you with brand new servers and workstations. You pay a flat monthly fee – We provide brand new hardware and maintain it for a three year term. At the end of the three year term, we would renew the contract, and supply you with all new computers.

Call us for a consultation and pricing.