September 20


iPhone Tips

September 20, 2014

iPhone Tips

The web is full of this kind of stuff, but this article had some really useful things in it.

Two of my favorites:

iPhone home screen image for iPhone Tips article
iPhone Tips on the web abound – sharing a couple of useful tips here.

When typing, at the end of a sentence, just hit space twice. It will automatically put in a period, a space and turn caps on for the next sentence.

In camera mode, don’t use the button icon on the screen, just use the volume buttons to take pictures. Much easier when taking pictures of moving subjects!


iPhone Tips – Resources

As with any tool, it makes sense to take a little time to learn how to use it.

You might start with the manufacturer’s resource at

Often, your best bet is to ask a friend.   Zero in with a specific search on Google or YouTube with a search for your specific question, or for an “introduction to using the iPhone xxx” where xxx = your iPhone model number.

Be security minded in your searches.

iPhone Tips Chart found in a google images search for iPhone tips, okay for commercial use without modifications
iPhone Tips Chart found in a google images search for iPhone tips, okay for commercial use without modifications

You’ll find it very helpful to learn how to organize your Apps, including making “folders” or “holders” for Apps when you have a lot of similar apps you’d like to group together.

A quick search for “how to organize iPhone Apps” gave these links at the top  (first one is best):

YouTube searches for iPhone Tips are useful because of the video “how-to” that you get.  It usually takes two minutes or less to find a good answer for iPhone tips and tools.

Finally, check out iTunes for a free app that introduces you to your iPhone.

All of the information about iPhone tips here applies equally well to figuring out other phones.  As far as that goes, there’s probably a YouTube video for changing a belt in your car’s engine, training your pet and giving someone a haircut.  The answers are out there…you just need to search for them.


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