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Intel Shortages Now A Major Problem

Intel Logo for article on Intel Shortages

Intel shortages are hitting home.  My go-to computer for business networks, the HP ProDesk 400 G5 with an Intel i5 processor and an SSD drive, is now a tough find.  Very tough.

My regular supplier has none in stock with an SSD, and even none with a hard drive.  Models with AMD processors are available, but I’m not a huge fan of AMD processors. They tell me I can still place an order for a ProDesk 400 and get in line.  As I write this, my supplier gave me a one-week wait.  That’s not terrible, but the trend is going the wrong way!  Plus, l I don’t have much faith in that one week estimate.  

In a conference call with financial analysts, Intel CEO

Intel Logo for article on Intel Shortages
Intel Logo

Bob Swan said, “Supply remained constrained particularly at the value end of our product range.  We are working closely with our customers to align demand with available supply while we add capacity and we expect supply-demand balance to improve by mid-year.”

Remove the jargon and he’s saying the situation will not improve for a few months.  Intel is concentrating their production on server Central Processing Units – CPUs – and high-end desktop CPUs which are more profitable. He does not seem very concerned, because Intel is still doing great financially.

Intel also announced their Gen9 CPU is using 10nm technology at the end of 2018. They are having trouble producing a good product though. I would expect the new processors to be featured in the ProDesk G6 computers, which have NOT been announced yet. 

All of this means the business PC market is a mess. Dell is no better, by the way. If you want to order computers, I will have to search and let you know what I can find.  Just today, I ordered three PCs with hard drives (priced higher than I would like), then separately ordered SSD drives to install in them.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, including overcoming Intel shortages.  Obviously, it’s best if you don’t order a computer at the last minute!

See the December 23, 2019 update, Intel Shortages Continue, at

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