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Great Mileage Tracking App

MileIQ Logo for MileIQ, a great mileage tracking app.
MileIQ, a great mileage tracking app.


Do you track business mileage, either to report to the IRS, or your employer? I do. And I often forget to record trips as I travel around the Milwaukee, Waukesha and Jefferson areas visiting IT clients.  If you’re in the same boat, I found a great mileage tracking app for your phone – MileIQ.

MileIQ automatically tracks your trips during working hours, which you can define. Then, you classify trips as business or personal. From their website, you can print a monthly or yearly report. I plan to print a report monthly – just in case these guys ‘disappear’. I’m afraid that sort of thing DOES happen!

There is a free plan that allows 40 “drives” per month, or an unlimited plan for $60/year. If this app saves me two hours of manually entering data into Excel every month or two (which it does), it is worth every penny.

I use this app on my iPhone, but an Android app is also available. To my surprise, the app does not drain my phone’s battery.

Here’s a video from MileIQ’s web site:


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