September 23


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A Better Backup and Business Continuity Solution

Better Backup and Business Continuity Solution

We have added a new backup and business continuity solution!

It’s an on-site backup appliance that backs up entire servers as virtual images.  Those images are replicated to a data center for off-site backup.

picture of server farm to denote business continuity
Offsite backup storage gives extra safety, and this solution ensures business continuity


By backing up your server in a virtual format, this is not just a backup solution, but a business continuity solution! If your server suddenly bursts into flames, you can start the virtual image ON THE APPLIANCE!

The first of these units will be deployed soon with a client in Milwaukee.  It will be exciting to get rid of tapes and have a more robust, reliable backup and continuity solution! More details will follow as we gain experience with this product.


Editor’s Note: This article published Sep. 23, 2014

For a real-world business continuity success story, please see



Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC can provide this service to you at a VERY affordable rate. For more information please contact us.
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