May 15


A New Domain Name

May 15, 2012

I’m very happy for one of my clients. This week, we made MAJOR improvements in their “web presence”.

This company’s domain was registered by AT&T with an Australian company and the web site was hosted by AT&T Yahoo. One of their email addresses NEARLY matched their domain name, except the dash was in a different position! Their other e-mail addresses ended in If you own a domain name, all of your email addresses should use it!

Here’s something similar to what they had:

Do you see the problem? A lack of consistency. Plus, you’re in trouble if you ever switch from AT&T to a different Internet provider!

This client REALLY didn’t like the dash in the domain name, so they decided on a new domain name. This actually made my job much easier.

So, here’s what I did… I registered the new domain name using my client’s information to create the account. Then I created a hosting account – again using their name on the account. Next, I transferred their old web site to the new server and created four email accounts.

Now their web site domain matches all of their email addresses, and everything is under their control. And it’s cheaper to boot!

The new setup looks like this:

By using my client’s name to create the account, I have given THEM control of everything. This really is the right thing to do. A client should never feel trapped by their IT firm or their Internet provider. A good IT partner doesn’t need to trap their clients!

This project only took a couple hours, and it wasn’t a big money-maker for me. Still, it still gives me great satisfaction because my client now has a domain name they like, and email addresses to go with it. It’s a big step forward for them. And their success is my success.

Mark Mullarky

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